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Sheep Shave Beard Shoot 2017

In preparation for this year's BEARD OFF collaboration with Matthew Shaw of Artzer Shaw Creative Woodworks and Katie Langley of KT Langley Photography, I thought I'd share a few behind the scenes shots of last year's Beard Shave as well as the final product: a stop motion music video for Matthew Shaw and Joe Ziegler's band, Leftmore. 

Small Things Art is excited to be a part of this unique project as we dive in for a second time around!

Johanna Brown
Las Vegas - April 2016 Part 4

She realizes that this is all there is. This is how you get to go on. The flamingo is not necessarily ok, but of course, OF COURSE she is ok. The best part is that being ok isn’t even the point. She’ll keep watching. She’ll do this again and again after that. The flamingo has a sense of satisfaction and isn’t it funny how the road home provides such perfect resolution every time. As if she asks for it. As if she gives herself exactly what she needs and always will…

Johanna Brown
Las Vegas - April 2016 Part 3

This is not home, but it beats slow and steady, just like real life. Like someone else’s life that the flamingo just dropped in on for the weekend. The sensation is at once confusing and beautiful. She questions her identity, her place, her place, her place, her choices and her moods, her goals here and later, her ideas of stability and success. Is it ok that everything here smells like coconuts? Is that wrong or just strange?

Of course she doesn’t find all of the answers by the end. But she begins to see others like her. When she first found them, the flamingo imagined that they belonged here and that she did not, that they were fixed and she temporary. But then isnt that how they must perceive her too? Suspended and amused, she sees more of herself in them than before.

Johanna Brown
Las Vegas - April 2016 Part 2

She feels lost and excited. Scores and numbers here, a drink there. Lavish. Gritty. This is the stuff that feels good. That warm night air makes the flamingo think of what she likes and why. Whom she likes and when. This doesn’t happen every day.

Johanna Brown
Las Vegas - April 2016 Part 1

Fleeing to a lit up land, the flamingo takes in her surroundings on the desert highway. She breathes in the people around her in these scenes and she knows them. Money pours in and out of everything.

Johanna Brown